Léonore Bienert   °1998   (BE)

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Léonore is a 23-year-old Belgian artist born in Brussels. She moved to Ghent to study at KASK-school of arts, where she freshly graduated with a master in Fine arts. 

The first step of her creative process comes from an idea, an image, a reflexion she has by talking to friends, watching a movie, listening to a podcast, or visiting an exhibition. Usually, a painting leads to another and there are some symbols and motifs that repeat themselves and become resurgent. She explores this repetition. Like with the egg, that stands as a metaphor for women.

«How Do You Like Your Eggs?» is the echo of a bigger question: How does society like its women? 

An eggshell usually stays perfect and does not age compared to the human body. The skin texture with bruises makes the egg vulnerable to his environment like a woman’s skin does. Subsequently, a detail, the colour of texture of a painting can turn out to be a starting point to another work and like this, all the works are connected and grow to be part of a whole; a bigger story that each painting is revealing a part of. Thus, they enter in conversation with each other. It is a story without beginning or end, each turning point leads to other associations, other readings, but all from the same world, the same identity, herself. This is wat she finds interesting in using metaphors, how the human brain makes connections according to a certain context; sees and reads things, recognizes symbolics in the everyday or banal objects. The associations she translates in her paintings are an invitation to her own visual language, her own search of identity. They are the lines between which the viewer can read.