John Wesley

Boyfriends - 2001

Zeefdruk in 6 kleuren op Coventry 290 g/m2
beeld: 71,2 x 88,9 cm
papier: 81 x 96,5 cm, 
gedrukt door Bob Blanton, Brand X Editions, New York, 
Ed. 70/XXX, gesigneerd en genummerd


Wesley’s painting looks like nothing else out there. …the most conspicuous characteristics of his work from the seventies on—its insistent flatness, powdered pastel palette, cartoon/cinematographic narratives, embrace of the sexually charged encounter, sophisticated anthropomorphism, and mannered drawing— have enormous appeal amid a digital revolution that has provoked yet another rethinking of the medium.” Linda Norden Parkett No. 62, 2001

  • Afmeting blad: 81.00 x 96.50 cm
    Afmeting motief: 71.20 x 88.00 cm
  • Type: Aquatint
  • Oplage: 70 + XXX
  • Uitgever: Parkett - Zürich
  • Beschikbaar: Niet op dit moment
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