Here you'll find an overview of the frequently asked questions. Do you have another question and you don't find the answer here, don't hesitate and ask us by sending us an email!
What may I expect from Art Partout?
Art Partout wants to be a customer-orientated web gallery:
• The works of art we present to you have been chosen because of their qualitative properties.
• You find these works classified according to several criteria, even according to the budget categorie. 
• We try to give each customer a personal treatment. 
• You pay in the trusted, safe manner by means of transfer, by means of electronic banking.
Are the works authentic and signed?
All works of art are authentic and have been signed by hand by the artist.
Between our collection you will not find posters, art prints or similar kinds of reproductions.
Works made in an edition of several copies are mostly also numbered. However, the numbers can deviate from those on the photograph. 
Can I trust the colours of the images?
We pay the highest attention to the quality of the images so that you can count on them. 
The photographs are made with a professional equipment. After this a thorough color correction is performed with the original at hand, and the image being assessed at a high-quality, calibrated screen. 
Much will depend on the quality of your screen, and especially of its color settings. If necessary consult the manual of your device. 
It is obvious that slight differences can occur between prints printed by hand. However, if there is a significant difference between them, it will be specified in the description of the work.
Are the offered works in perfect condition?
The works of art which we present to you are always in new condition, unless otherwise mentioned.
Are the offered works of art framed?
If not otherwise mentioned, the work of art is unframed. However we can frame it for you with acid free matting.
Are the framings in perfect condition? 
If the works are offered with framing, the framings are new, and the mattings are acid free.
However, this is not always true in the case of old works in their original framing or works forthcoming from a take-over, but this will be mentioned then in the description.
If an image is marked as "SOLD", is it really no more available?
If it concerns unique works such as paintings and certain sculptures, of course it is now more available.
The image stays still some weeks online to inform the visitor.
If it concerns multiples such as lithographs, etchings and certain sculptures made in editions of several copies, it means that all available copies of the edition are sold. As long as we think it is not excluded to find still another copy of it, the image is left online.
So, if you should be interested in this work, it could be a good idea to inform us about it. If we still can find a copy, you will know it as first.
Can I view the works before I decide to buy?
You can examine the works at our address without engagement. This is only possible after appointment. 
However, even in the case you buy the work of art directly through our website, you can examine it at home at your leisure. If you are not entirely satisfied, you have eight days the time to send it back unharmed in the original packing, after having consulted us. 
It will be changed for another one or the complete amount of the work of art will be immediately refund to you. So you only risk the shipping costs. 
Can the prices be discussed?
We love clarity and we hope that you appreciate it. For this reason we apply fixed prices. These have been based on real data, for example because they are fixed by the artist or recommended by his editor or because they are stated on auction results.
Exceptions: 1. You can bid on works introduced by individuals. The owner however is free to accept or reject your bid. 2. In the case of a purchase of quantities.
How do I know the shipping costs?
We search for the cheapest and safest way of shipping and communicate you the price by e-mail.
Of course you can pick up your order at our address on appointment.
Can I ask you to look for a certain work or for works by a certain artist?
When you are in search to a certain art work or to works by a certain artist, let us know it.
By the many contacts we have with our colleagues it is possible that find the work of your dreams. We inform you then without engagement.
Can you tell me at what price a certain work has been sold?
The prices of sold works are not communicated for various reasons. 
Above all, because we respect the private life of the customer. 
Besides, because it is not much util, given that prices always evolve. 
Finally, because we also have galleries and auction houses among our customers and we do not want to unsettle their market by broadcasting figures out-of-date. 
Nevertheless you can contact the specialized websites, where you can buy the data of public sales of the past years.
What does the indications EA, AP or PA mean?
The abbreviations EA (épreuve d’artiste) in French, AP (artist proof) in English or PA in Spanish and Italian, are used to indicate the copies which are printed beside of the planned edition.
Unless the numbering, which is mostly made with Roman figures or with characters, they do absolutely not differ from the other copies.
In principle they have been intended for the artist himself and sometimes they can be considered as a part of his fee. Of course he can also sell them.
One may expect that this copies are numbered as well, but this is not always the fact.
Some people attach more value to the EA, AP and PA because these pieces come out of the the hands of the master himself (and this mostly also really is, e.g. Alechinsky and Raveel). Other people however rather distrust them, especially when they are not numbered.
An unwritten deontological rule states that the number of AP or EA may amount to only a small percentage of the edition.