Luc Tuymans 30 years of graphic works


Starting this weekend Art Partout is showcasing a new selection of top items from the print work by Luc Tuymans. Spanning a period of 30 years Tuymans has managed to create a highly diverse, but also technically and substantially strong ensemble of editions. All works came about in collaboration with master printers and were published by reputed publishers around the world. Art Partout exhibits some of the highlights from the period 1989 to 2018.

We re-installed the monumental edition 'The Rumour', published in New York in 2003.
The rumour is a suite of 7 colour lithographs mounted on four panels of painted acrylic sheets and wood, with birdcage, and is in fact the pocket recreation of the show 'The Rumour' from 2002 in the 'White Cube gallery' in London.

Read more about The Rumour.

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