Artur Eranosian   °1989   (Armenian)

Artur Eranosian (°1989 Yerevan, Armenia) Lives and works in Dendermonde, Belgium

While growing up Eranosian developed a lasting fascination for the work of the iconic Henri Cartier-Bresson, whose work inspired him to start taking pictures in the streets himself. At the age of sixteen he started working as a photographer and his unique way of looking at things quickly won him critical acclaim among Belgian colleagues. Eranosian's talent was recognized and rewarded internationally as well: he received awards for his street photography in Chicago, Miami and London.

In his early twenties he spent a lot of his days in bookstores, museums and galleries. His fascination for the arts grew even stronger. Encounters with well-know artists pushed him towards new experiments, and heavily influenced his way of looking at the world around him. Conversations with these artists defined his thinking about photography. Eranosian is the perfect example of an autodidact: he pushes the artistic boundaries of a medium, raises essential questions about the nature of photography, what it can, could or should be – and what looking at a photographic image does to us.