Servaas Schoone | De zee huilt 2023

Servaas Schoone

De zee huilt - 2023

Size30.00 x 42.00 cm
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Price: € 50

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De zee huilt

Artist Servaas Schoone had a deep connection with the sea and wished to protect it. With this goal in mind, he once, in collaboration with the Art and Environment Foundation, declared the sea as a work of art and succeeded in acquiring artistic ownership rights to all the world's oceans. He had thus turned the sea into a tradeable commodity to ensure its protection.

The objective of the 'THE SEA CRIES!' campaign is to actively engage a global audience in adequately safeguarding the sea against environmental assaults.

The quality of the sea has been deteriorating for years due to pollution and overfishing. Previous actions have shown that art can be the key to exerting pressure on governments to address these structural issues. In 2023, we are picking up the thread again with a renewed 'THE SEA CRIES!' campaign.

Through a purchase certificate, a piece of sea (with coordinates specified) can be acquired for a fee of 50 euros per cubic meter. Owners thereby have the right to intervene if their property is polluted or threatened by overfishing.

30% of the proceeds from the sale of sea parcels benefit Sea Shepherd Global*. The remaining amount is used for the 'THE SEA CRIES!' campaign of the Art & Survival Foundation.



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