Idris Sevenans   °1991   (BE)

Something that Already has been Done in the Sixties

About Idris Sevenans

Idris Sevenans (Antwerp, 1991) creates sculptures, films, exhibitions, junk mail, and books (including ‘Stoppen met Lezen’ and ‘De Computer’, about Marcel van Maele), runs a shop with remarkable products (the unrealistic initiative ‘Troebel Neyntje’), and has founded his own school: AARS (Antwerp Artist Run School).

The twentieth-century philosopher Hans Theys (Bangladesh, 1936) described this ubiquitous jack-of-all-trades as ‘an infallible bullshit detector’, as well as ‘something already done in the sixties, but crispier’. Theys has remained stuck in the ‘60s himself; it takes one to know one. 

Living in a world where we are incessantly being bombarded with patronizing regulations, ugly images and ludicrous twaddle aimed at making us consumers of pointless, useless, tasteless, colourless, and bloody boring stuff we don’t need, living in such a world, we joyfully salute the aikido-like way in which Sevenans floors this ineradicable nonsense with a single spiral movement. 

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