Luc Tuymans | Within 2016

Luc Tuymans

Within - 2016 [cat. 70]

Size30.00 x 20.00 cm (30.00 x 20.00 cm)
Edition of:70
Edited by:Oogst Magazine - Antwerp
Available:For sale

Price: € 1500

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For the Belgian ‘Oogst Magazine Vol. 5’ Tuymans created a multiple based on a Polaroid he used for the creation of the painting ‘Within’ dating 2001. For this project Tuymans even created a pigeon house in balsa, simulating pigeon droppings with talcum powder. Next he made pictures of the model with a Polaroid camera.

'Within' is printed directly on the white surface of a Dibond panel, which allows for a ‘floating’ frame. Signed and numbered on the reverse.

This edition is part of a bundle, together with three other works by Lara GasparottoKati Heck and Wim Catrysse.


Luc Tuymans

Luc Tuymans (born 1958) is a Belgian artist who lives and works in Antwerp. Tuymans is considered one of the most influential painters working today.

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