Hans Op de Beeck | My Train 2003

Hans Op de Beeck

My Train - 2003

Size32.00 x 54.00 cm
Edition of:50
Available:For sale
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My Train

In 2003 Atelier HSL invited five artists and designers to make a draft design for a portable landscape for a model railroad. The purpose of the mission was to build bridges between art, railroad fanatics and rail road modelers. The design by Hans Op de Beeck was selected by a jury to be produced in an edition of 50 copies. It represents a grim, soiled rocky outcrop with some barren trees. A train runs endless tracks around the rock formation. For this rock Op de Beeck designed a portable case in galvanized steel, in stark contrast with the sadness of the grey rock and the little train that never reaches its destination.  In the front lid of the beauty case there is an illuminated window with the title of the work: “My Train”, entirely in railroad style. You can add an N-scale train and transformer to bring the object to life. Each landscape is unique!

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