Panamarenko   °1940 2019   (BE)

Panamarenko is an artist who captivates everyone's imagination. As a native Antwerper, he made the city unsafe with numerous 'Happenings' after his education at the Antwerp Academy in the early 1960s. In this early period of his career, he leaned towards pop art. Later, he emerged as a kind of artist-engineer with a preference for flying contraptions, inspired by physics and mechanics. Flying under his own power is one of the dreams that Panamarenko manages to crystallize in his work with a disarmingly poetic naivety.

After the retrospective in Brussels in 2005, he announced his withdrawal as an active artist. He donated his house in Biekorfstraat in Antwerp to the Muhka. This studio has since been transformed into a beautiful museum that testifies to his active years in Antwerp.

In 2014, the M HKA once again paid tribute to Panamarenko with the retrospective: The Universe of Panamarenko.

Panamarenko passed away unexpectedly in December 2019, a month before he would turn 80.


Engineered to go to sea (original)


Phosphored Stamps (original)


Proefdruk voor Happening News (racecars)


Milkyways & Happenings portfolio

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