Panamarenko | Atom and Manpower 1975


Atom and Manpower - 1975 [cat. 19]

Size100.00 x 63.00 cm
Edition of:120 + XX
Edited by:Kölnischer Kunstverein - Köln
Available:Not available
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Atom and Manpower

On December 31, 1974, Panamarenko conceived the Theory of Closed Systems (see multiple nr. 25) in connection with the special theory of relativity. In the blue booklet (Bielefeld, 1975), he demonstrates how this allows him to explain the trajectory of a hydrogen electron. If one imagines a rolling electron as a wheel that has no velocity at the point where it touches the ground (otherwise it would slide or slip), then it would pull itself into an orbit due to its two different forward velocities. Later, Panamarenko also applied this principle to the orbits of celestial bodies (see multiple nr. 60).

Note: Published on the occasion of an individual exhibition at the Kölnischer Kunstverein from July 16 to September 7, 1975. For this occasion, an unnumbered poster was also printed on thinner paper with dates and announcement of the exhibition.


Panamarenko is an artist who captivates everyone's imagination.

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