William Sweetlove   °1949   (BE)

William Sweetlove is a Belgian artist born in 1949 in Oostende, and a prominent member of the Italian movement 'Cracking Art.' The name of this group of artists refers to the hydrocarbon cracking process used to make plastic from crude oil. His original motivation for working with polyester was the preservation of objects for the future. Early in his career, he saw it as a new process for conserving and archiving objects. He is known for his striking artworks primarily using recycled materials. Sweetlove's sculptures of various 'cloned' animals, such as dogs, penguins, and pigs, carry plastic water bottles on their backs. They always have fresh water with them, a highly sought-after commodity in the near future on Earth. Sweetlove combines art and environmental awareness, indirectly contributing to discussions on recycling and sustainability, while encouraging reflection on the preservation of our environment for future generations. His works have been exhibited worldwide and can be found in prestigious collections and public spaces.



Cloned Schnauzer with water bottle (black)


Cloned Schnauzer with water bottle (red)


Cloned Schnauzer with water bottle (pink)

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