David Horvitz   °1981   (US)

David Horvitz works across a range of media, frequently using photography, performance, art books, conceptual websites, online interventions, and mail art. “I’ve traveled since I graduated from high school, and somehow that’s contributed to my suspicion that it’s actually become my work,” he has said. “When I was growing up this tendency to move around seemed to be related to a sense of restlessness or boredom. But now it is more about movements, routes, and channels of distribution.” Inspired by Fluxus and the movement’s preoccupation with artwork that constitutes itself through movement, Horvitz traverses large spaces while employing a series of actions and operations that critique the over-commercialization of art.

David Horvitz agreed to make 10 mail art works for Art Partout. These are on view until 27 March 2022.